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Student project offers in-depth look at crime on campus

Thanks to the efforts of a journalism class at the University of Illinois, you now know the true measure of crime on campus.

Data shows that robberies have reached a five-year high, assaults are lower than they were in 2006, and sex crimes have risen slightly over 2009.

And interviews give a behind-the-scenes look at crimes, like the following account from one offender who was arrested for an assault on campus.


... from "The other side of a crime alert" by Quinn Ford

Miquan Boyd is a skinny guy, standing 5 feet 9 inches and weighing in it at around 150 pounds.

He says he prides himself on dressing stylishly, wearing a maroon and gold T-shirt with polished Nike shoes to match. He is quick to smile - a little shy at first but engaging in conversation.

But on Sept. 12, Champaign police arrested the 19-year-old Urbana resident for being part of a group which beat up a 20-year-old Parkland College student on Green Street at 2 a.m. Boyd, who eventually pleaded guilty, was the only one charged at the time with mob action and aggravated battery, putting a face on the series of assaults that has alarmed the campus community since August.

However, Boyd said he should not be the face and that, despite his plea, he did not strike the victim.

He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to the police report, officers saw a fight occurring in the 500 block of East Green Street. The officers were part of an undercover detail employed to address the recent string of aggravated assaults and batteries on campus. Read more


Under the direction of College of Media Associate Prof.  Eric Myer, more than 40 journalism students collaborated to create "“ an interactive, journalistic examination of crime on campus.

Check out the site to explore data, graphics, maps as well as accounts from victims and offenders.  

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