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A Complicated Life: First steps

Of her hardships, worrying about her children’s welfare is the toughest. 

“Being on the street, being homeless, having to ask someone ‘could you feed my kids?’ Not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow, or [what] the next day after that is going to bring.”

Working with Woodard has given Yolanda confidence that she can reach her goals.

One of the first goals was to get her driver’s license.

“I didn’t think that I could get my driver’s license – I have my driver’s license.”


After failing the test the first time Yolanda would not accept defeat.

“I took the  test [again] and scored a 97,” she said.

She does not own a car, however, and must rely on public transportation.

With Woodard’s encouragement, Yolanda was able to overcome the lack of self-esteem and confidence that has plagued her since childhood.

“I have doubt about myself because when you grow up and a person keeps telling you [that] you’re not going to be anything … that makes you believe that.”

Sometimes when things get tough she asks herself : “Am I more than what I am right now? Am I always going to work these minimum wage jobs?” 

To this second question she has been able to respond with an emphatic “no.”

ByWill Atwater/For CU-CitizenAccess

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