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Waffle truck prompts food pilot project, change

By Chad Garland/For CU-CitizenAccess

When is an ice cream truck not an ice cream truck?  According to Mahomet resident Zach Ware, it’s when it sells waffles and coffee.

Ware’s business - the Crave Truck - has prompted Champaign city officials to not only revisit ordinances surrounding peddler’s licenses but also to launch a pilot project to study the impact of food trucks like the Crave Truck that operate more like a small restaurant rather than an ice cream truck.

City officials are set to meet June 26 to discuss it.

But what’s prompted potential local policy change started out as something different.

Chad Garland/A bicyclist checks out the mobile food truck, Crave, as he passes by. The business sells waffles and coffee.

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