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Maps & Graphics

Here you can browse through a list of our community mapping projects.

Champaign-Urbana: Payday Lenders

By Dan Petrella/CU-CitizenAccess — This map shows the locations of payday lenders, consumer installment lenders and pawnshops in Champaign-Urbana as well as median household  income based on the...

Unemployment rates

 Here's a look at unemployment rate changes across Illinois between 2006 and October 2009.

Wilber Heights, an interactive map of the neighborhood

One of Champaign's oldest neighborhoods has historically been overlooked by the county in hopes that residents will eventually leave their homes in order to make more room for...

Mapping Champaign-Urbana at a Glance

Check out this map to see the unemployment rate across Champaign-Urbana, look at median household income or population changes for the past nine years.

Student demographic changes over time across school districts in Champaign County, Ill.

Below are two interactive graphics that show student demographics across Champaign County's school districts between 1999 and 2010.


Age vs. wage

Which age group among Champaign-Urbana workers made the most money in the first quarter of 2010? Which one lost the most jobs? Use the tool below to see local employment facts such as average monthly earnings or...

Where it goes: Local CDBG funds

Federal funding for Community Development Block Grants may be threatened as Congress works out the upcoming fiscal year's budget.

Since 1974, these funds are given annually to more than 1,200...

What's in a name: The most common words in local human service programs

There are some 520 human services programs and organizations in Champaign County listed in this online human services directory - First Call for...

Select county comparison of people, poverty and prices across Illinois

Click on the block histogram below to see how Champaign County compares with other select Illinois counties by way of population, number of residents living in...

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