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Wilber Heights

Wilber Heights is one of Champaign County's oldest neighborhoods with a mix of light and heavy industry and residential property.

Though neglected for years, this neighborhood may be facing new changes as Champaign County officials begin a process to change 40-year old zoning ordinances.


Flooding in Wilber Heights

The Champaign County Board approved zoning amendments on April 21 that now allow residents to repair, renovate and rebuild their homes - something they could not do in full for nearly 40 years.

Yet problems still exist.

Residents still face constant flooding problems and little has been done to resolve the problem.


Below are photos that residents took the weekend of April 23.


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Public hearing

The County Zoning Board of Appeals will have a public hearing on nonconforming dwellings at 6 p.m. Dec. 16.

This issue directly affects Wilber Heights because all residential property is deemed nonconforming as the area is zoned for light and heavy industry.

The proposed amendments will allow owners of nonconforming dwellings to renovate, rebuild and repair their homes without limits.

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