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Out and about in Champaign

How many times have we heard that there is not enough things for young people to do in Champaign? Well, just this past weekend, my daughters and I went to a volleyball game, a soccer game and camp,two football games,church, and out to eat for free just in one weekend. By the time we arrived home, the kids and I were exhausted because we had been running all weekend! This is a typical weekend for the kids and I.

There is not too many weekend when we just stay at home watching television,and playing video games. I always receive emails from co-workers and friends, notes from school,fliers from the University for things to do for kids in this area. During summer and fall season, youth sports and activites are constantly going on and I keep my kids sign up for this or that to get them involved.

Not only do we stay within Champaign area to do activites but we go to surrounding areas like Springfield,Chicago, St. Louis as well. i have never gotten a response from my kids saying "mommy I'm bored or there is nothing for me to do!" If we are not attending a sporting event, participating in a camp,or a church activity, then we are out at the parks walking, bicycling, driving or helping out in the community by volunteering. There is a lesson to be learned here, and that is there is just about always some event going on in the Champaign area we kids have something to do.