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Home is where the heart is

As I have made my transition as a citizen of Champaign,Illinois, I cannot help but miss my home of Chicago. I cannot help but to admit how much I miss home. Of course, over the last 5 years the crime rate has increased three hundred percent. The smog from the factories, the cars on the expressway, and the hustle and bustle of the fast pace life is enough to make anyone cry. But it is just something about the place where you were born, the people who you grow up with, and the home you lived as a child the leaves an emptiness of home sweet home.

People that were born here ask me all the time how can you miss out of all the bad things that happen in the big city but I reflect on how I saw life as a child. Even though we were not a rich family, and both of my parents had to work two jobs just to make ends meet. SN: I guess that is where I get my work ethics from!

But anyway, I miss the many choices of fast food restaurants ( that are not good for me anyway, he,he!) such as Popeye's chicken, White Castle, etc. Here in Champaign, I get tired fast of McDonald's,Burger King, KFC, that I normally enjoy my home cook meals.

I miss the vast things to do of things to do such as the museums,the skating rinks, the beach,the sporting arenas, etc.etc. Here there are a lot of sport related activities to do but in the winter time there's not much to do unless you are lucky to hold season tickets for Illinois basketball.

But I guess I miss my friends and everything that goes along with constantly being on the go! I continue to live the busy city life even though I am in a rural area, I imagine my mind frame in BIG CITY!!

Anyways, my longing for home makes me travel back and forth between Champaign and Chicago, at least twice a month! So I have to save up money to buy gas, food, and to shop when I travel home!! (Another blog within itself,lol) I guess the saying goes "home is where the heart is!" Well if that's the case, I guess my heart lies in Chicago, but I made my home here (go figure!!)