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Election Rejection

Over the last two months,there has not been a day that I has been watching television, only to be expose to over-abundance of campaign smears.

In past years, it did not bother me because the were simple commercials with candidates speaking of themselves on why we should elect them to office. This year, I can count the times on one hand the times that I have seen a candidate speaking of themselves, or their specific qualities.

Each and every ad campaign, has been a negative attack against their running mate or smears,attacks, or stance for opposing parties. Every candidate, regardless the party, has displayed a mass opposition against the other party. I have not seen one candidate promote their self or give us facts on why we should vote for them.

Everyone has said something bad,tasteless, or irregular to bring the other candidate down. Politics,politics,smear-itcs! It makes me wonder why we should vote for either candidate!

Then we have seen the Green Party emerge with their scare tactics. Who are these people, and where have they come from!

It seems to me they are so extreme that conservatives or liberals both finally agree on something, and that is they both agree that the Green Party has no place in or government.

I notice the polls that show that voting in this particular elections, has constantly decrease over the past years. And with the campaign ads this year, It will be a wonder if we even get forty percent of registered voters to vote in this election.

You may ask the question, "Are you going to vote?" And my answer is most definitely Yes!!

I have the constant reminder of my forefathers, loosing their lives, be in-jailed, and humilated, all to fight for minorities having the right to vote. I would be a loser myself if I let that choice pass me by.

We have to decide on which act is more worse than the other, then decide on who we want to represent us!

It is a task within self to even make it out to the polls, simply because with the economy the way it is, everyone needs every hour of their work time to earn their income. So we have to find time within our busy schedule, to either go to the polls before we go to work or after we get off. It also amazes me on the money that they spend on running these campaign ads, to weaken one another.

I have heard some ads were costing up to one million dollars to run constantly over the main network stations. It seems to me we as a country could stretch one million dollars in many other needed areas,especially with the many jobless, homeless, and struggling families we have in our communties.

And if we depended on the politicians to do what they said they really were going to do for the people, then they would take all the campaign contributions, and put that back into our schools,neighborhoods, and elderly people. We think nothing of the money it takes to put others on blast but could we take that money and help out at least five families that really do not have a place to live,nothing to eat, or clothes to wear.

Gives you something to really think about. It will be a really hard decision on who I will vote for in this upcoming election. Do I want someone who is profitting off our taxes that we contribute, or do I want to vote for someone who wants to put money into companies/businesses overseas!