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Salem Baptist

Discuss relevant issues of interest to the community members living near the Salem Baptist Church.

Election Rejection

Over the last two months,there has not been a day that I has been watching television, only to be expose to over-abundance of campaign smears.

In past years, it did not bother me because the were simple commercials with candidates speaking of themselves on why we should elect them to office. This year, I can count the times on one hand the times that I have seen a candidate speaking of themselves, or their specific qualities.

Each and every ad campaign, has been a negative attack against their running mate or smears,attacks, or stance for opposing parties. Every candidate, regardless the party, has displayed a mass opposition against the other party. I have not seen one candidate promote their self or give us facts on why we should vote for them.

North Champaign

I live in the north part of Champaign. I cannot help but to think about how I am constantly locking my doors and rechecking the locks a second time just for security measures. I also am constantly doing saftety checks when I get in my car and getting out of my car when arriving from the store, work, or church.

Home is where the heart is

As I have made my transition as a citizen of Champaign,Illinois, I cannot help but miss my home of Chicago. I cannot help but to admit how much I miss home. Of course, over the last 5 years the crime rate has increased three hundred percent. The smog from the factories, the cars on the expressway, and the hustle and bustle of the fast pace life is enough to make anyone cry. But it is just something about the place where you were born, the people who you grow up with, and the home you lived as a child the leaves an emptiness of home sweet home.

Out and about in Champaign

How many times have we heard that there is not enough things for young people to do in Champaign? Well, just this past weekend, my daughters and I went to a volleyball game, a soccer game and camp,two football games,church, and out to eat for free just in one weekend. By the time we arrived home, the kids and I were exhausted because we had been running all weekend! This is a typical weekend for the kids and I.

Will neighborhood construction come to an end?

On Wright Street, I see that there is only one lane of traffic open in certain areas. Guess what, there is only one lane of traffic on Neil Street at times. At every turn, it seems you witness the orange and yellow signs that indicate that road work is being completed in the city and on the highway.

I have read that the Department of Transportation has given federal funds to help revitalize our neighborhoods and trees. Weather is an important element in making the task easier. The goal is to complete as much as possible while the weather is accommodating.

First Official Post

Salem Baptist Church is proud to welcome and embrace CU Citizen Access, and to hopefully make available to the community the tools and functionality of the computer lab in order to perpetuate and promote cohesiveness, social welfare, and spirtitual commitment to the community and congregations.

Salem Baptist Cyber Church Project