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A Day In My Life ...

This group stems from work we did with students from the Education to Work Program between March and April 2011.

The Education to Work Program is a venture of the Housing Authority of Champaign County and Champaign Consortium. This program helps high-school seniors prepare for college  after graduation.

For the past six weeks, CU-CitizenAccess and volunteer Tatyana Safronova have worked with a group of these students to create audio slideshows that give a glimpse into their daily lives.

The students shot, recorded and produced the slideshows. All work is their own and has not been edited by anyone else.

Nidia Duenas

Nidia Duenas, 17, is from Chicago, Ill. After high school, she plans to study nursing and specialize in pediatric nursing.

“I want people to know where I came from, which is from a loving and caring home,” she said. “I was raised from two loving parents and I have the best sister in the world … well, only sister in the world.”

Danyale Burks

Danyale Burks, 18, is from Chicago and Champaign. After high school, she plans to attend college.

Her video is to show people “how to spend time with your family,” she said.


Johnnie Campbell

Johnnie Campbell, 19, is from Chicago, Ill. After high school, he plans to attend college for a degree to “make my family proud of me.”

His video is to show “how much I love my family and how much they love me back,” he said.


Christian Ngeleza

Christian Ngeleza, 17, is from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and will start as a freshman at the University of Illinois this fall.

"This was my first slideshow ever made," he said.