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Symposium connects groups and technology; ways to bridge local digital divide

CU-CitizenAccess was at eBlack Champaign-Urbana's Campus-Community Symposium this weekend to cover the discussion between groups and organizations on how to better connect the community and technology.

This two-day symposium aimed to take a step toward bridging the digital divide between underserved residents and available technological resources.
As the Big Broadband project nears construction, groups and organizations are looking at ways to use the super-fast network to benefit those residents who are in the most need of training, employment, education and digital literacy.

Discussion panels ranged from community engagement, social services and technology, education, youth and technology, religious groups and technology and media and technology.

Click on a session link below to read more highlights from each discussion at the symposium on Saturday, Nov. 6:

Session 1: Social Services and Technology

Session 2: Education, Youth and Technology

Session 3: Religious Institutions and Technology

Session 4: Community Memory, Groups, Media and Technology

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For a complete symposium schedule click here

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