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Urbana Townhomes

Urbana tenants struggle to find new homes

By Jose Diaz/For CU-CitizenAccess/URBANA – Ashlee Bituin lives with her 4-year-old son and is eight months pregnant with her second child. Her doctor has told her she cannot work.

 On Dec. 15, 2010, she signed a one-year lease at Urbana Townhomes, located in the 1000 block of South Lierman Avenue in Urbana. Just three months later, she received a letter from the city of Urbana notifying her that the apartment building where she was living had been condemned. She had one month to vacate the apartment. 

Jose Diaz/Clemmie Pettigrew, her two children and Ashlee Bituin stand outside Pettigrew’s apartment. Pettigrew has 3 children and is unemployed. She had to move to Memphis to live with her family. Bituin is 8 months pregnant and cannot work. She had to move in with friends and will start looking for a place of her own after she has her baby and can go back to work.

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