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Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club

Cash crunch again threatens local Boys and Girls Club

CHAMPAIGN --- For the fourth time this decade, the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club is appealing for community help to keep its doors open.

The News-Gazette/Daezyah Woodland, 13, of Rantoul plants zinnias Friday alongside Kate Metz of Champaign, a master gardener intern. Children and staff with the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club planted the "prosperity garden" Friday with members of the University of Illinois Extension's Master Gardeners on North First Street, just north of the Champaign Police Station.

Garden grows life lessons for local youth

CHAMPAIGN --- Beautification, nutrition, respect for environment, charity, entrepreneurship. Who would have thought so many life lessons could come from a package of seeds? 

Children from the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club, that's who.


Summer program boosts nutrition and excercise in local Boys and Girls Club

By Susan Kantor—The Triple Play Program promotes wellness in children through exercise and nutrition education.

CU Citizen Access/ Participants eat cereal as part of the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club Triple Play Program

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