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Extras: Big Broadband

A consortium composed of the cities of Urbana and Champaign and the University of Illinois submitted in August three related proposals to the federal government applying for stimulus funding to improve broadband Internet access in the area.

But why does Urbana-Champaign need “big broadband” Internet service in the first place? How will the proposed network connect homes and community institutions? How will this network be paid for and governed? How does the technology work and what does this all mean?

Marie Wilson/ Sheila Miller loads one end of a fiber into an arc fusion splicer, which heats and connects the strands. Splicing 12 strands, the number in a normal cable, takes about three hours, she said.

Landlord´s legal troubles grow

CHAMPAIGN — A Champaign landlord facing a criminal charge for allegedly renting an unsafe apartment may lose four apartment buildings and two rental houses after defaulting on a nearly $1.8 million mortgage.

 The landlord said that he´s been singled out by the city because of his race and that he wants to reorganize his business or find a buyer. 

 A federal bankruptcy judge has given Herget Bank of Pekin permission to auction properties that Bernard Ramos owns on West Church Street in Champaign and on South Lynn Street in Urbana. 

 The properties are scheduled to be auctioned Sept. 25. 

The News-Gazette/ Bernard and Eduardo Ramos were fined in May for renting two condemned apartments at 209 W. Green St., C.

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