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affordable housing

Affordable rental housing continues to be "out of reach" for minimum wage workers

CHAMPAIGN — As rents continue to rise, wages continue to fall, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

The report – Out of Reach 2010 – found that a family in the United States needs to earn $18.44 an hour, or nearly $38,360 a year.

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Community leaders, residents voice concerns about poverty

DANVILLE – Affordable housing, the value of skill versus degree for jobs, social and health safety nets and prompt payments by the state to social-service agencies were some of the topics brought before a public hearing Monday with the Illinois Commission on the Elimination of Poverty.

Monday's hearing was meant to gather views from central Illinois residents. Hearings are also scheduled in Chicago on March 8 and Carbondale on April 8.

Pam G. Dempsey/A woman is seen leaving empty tomb inc., taking with her the two free layette sets she picked up for her newborn twin grandchildren in January. Empty tomb inc. is a Christian organization and offers services to people in need of all income levels. A state commission is hosting public hearings statewide to see how to better combat extreme poverty.

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