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Struggling to survive

By Jhane Reifsteck—The town of Longview has faced a high povery rate and loss of business in recent years.

In the 2000 Census, Longview's povery rate was just over 15 percent, with 25 of the 160 residents living at or below the poverty level.

CU-Citizen Access/With less than 200 residents and shrinking business, Longview has one of the highest rate of poverty in Champaign County.

University group lands top prize to build community garden

CHAMPAIGN -- A group of University of Illinois students has earned a top prize from accounting firm Ernst & Young for their idea to build a community garden in Champaign.

The team of seven students has proposed to build a garden in Douglass Park near Booker T. Washington Elementary School. The students envision residents renting space there to grow food and the school using the garden for hands-on learning projects.

For the 2010 campus competition, called “Your World, Your Vision,” Ernst & Young invited university students from across the U.S.

Darrell Hoemann/The News Gazette/ Five of the seven members of UI student case competition team whose success means they will help build a garden for the neighborhood on the northwest corner of Douglass Park in Champaign on Monday, April 5, 2010. Left to right (rear) Diana Rechenmacher, Steven Heiss and Erin Harper. Front, Jonathan Weisman, Victoria Ngo-Lam.

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