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Second Ramos arrested in D.C.

By Pam G. Dempsey/

An extradition hearing is scheduled next week for one of the two local landlords who manage the Cherry Orchard housing complex south of Rantoul.

Bernard Ramos was arrested by Washington D.C. police April 10 on two civil contempt warrants issued by Champaign County last year.

The pair was sought by police after they failed to appear at hearings in connection with a broken septic system at the Cherry Orchard property. The complex typically houses migrant workers in the summer. Last April, The Ramoses were fined more than $54,000 for failing to legally connect and repair the septic system and ordered to close down the property.

Bernard Ramos refused extradition and was released on a $5,000 cash bond. He is due back in a D.C. court Wednesday. The Champaign County Sheriff’s Office typically seeks a governor’s warrant in cases where defendants do not waive extradition. If granted, then Bernard Ramos would be held in jail until he can be transported back to Illinois.

Eduardo Ramos was scheduled for a hearing this afternoon on the county’s civil contempt petition. Champaign County State’s Attorney Joel Fletcher said that the county continues to seek better security of the property. He said there is evidence of ongoing activity there.

Eduardo Ramos did appear in court Thursday. At a hearing last month following his arrest in February, a Champaign County judge gave him permission to return to D.C. for medical care.  Thursday’s hearing was continued until June and Eduardo Ramos was given permission to return to D.C.

In March, county health officials investigated reports of people living on the property and removing boards from windows off of one of the buildings. Health officials replaced the boards and posted a more permanent sign warning people away.

“Our main goal is that nobody lives in the property until the septic is fixed,” said Julie Pryde, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District administrator.


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