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Building solutions in our community

 This week, spent some time with the folks at the University of Illinois’ Sustainability office as part of this Workshop on Healthy Partnerships for a Thriving Champaign-Urbana: A University-Community Dialogue for Green Jobs and Entrepreneurship,

The program was spurred by the works of Majora Carter (@majoracarter), who facilitated conversations across a two-day event. Majora Carter and Pam Dempsey

From the invite:

The workshop will begin a university-community dialogue to brainstorm creative new approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of our community, including the environment and ecosystems that support us.

We will explore how Champaign-Urbana can become a model learning laboratory for sustainability and resilience, with the goal of creating green entrepreneurial and job opportunities for all of its citizens.

The workshop will be facilitated by Majora Carter, eco-entrepreneur and MacArthur Fellow.

Carter has brought over $34 million to the South Bronx to create green jobs and infrastructure. She founded a non-profit organization, Sustainable South Bronx, that provides green jobs training and placement to restore local waste sites, create urban farms, and install green spaces and roofs. Carter’s firm, Majora Carter Group, is now engaged in helping other communities around the country to learn from South Bronx successes and adapt to local needs.

Carter’s work helps foster conversations across the country with people “who feel passionate about building healthier communities,” she told us.

This is our Twitter coverage of the event: 

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